A Shefford Taxi Company to Rely On

Why settle for second best?!

Image of the Mercedes emblem on the bonnet of one of our S Class vehicles.

We’ve all been there – you have an important engagement or appointment to attend, and no way of getting there other than by road; you decide to call a Shefford taxi company to get you to where you need to go.

“All taxi companies are pretty much the same”, you think, and dial the first number to hand. The operator on the other end of the line is brash, and hard to understand, and doesn’t manage to instil the confidence you need to be able to fully relax once having hung up; the time leading up to your taxi arriving is spent anxiously hoping that your driver actually makes an appearance. Then it happens; five minutes, seven minutes, ten minutes late. You phone the taxi company again, only to be told that the driver is on his way. Another five minutes pass before he finally turns up!

Then the journey itself isn’t any better, as it transpires that there are major road works taking place on you journey http://www.buyambienmed.com route, delaying you by another twenty minutes. The journey takes much longer than expected, and you are left late for your meeting or appointment. What a disaster!

Well it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be like this.

At Take Me Home James, we understand your needs. We’ll always be kind, clear and courteous when you call us, giving you complete confidence in your booking. We’ll always arrive punctually, and arrive with a knock at the door, helping you out with any items you wish to take with you. We’ll also always strive to keep abreast of any road works or diversions that may be in place along your journey route, giving you complete peace of mind that you’ll arrive at your destination exactly when you need to.

This is how private hire should be done.

So for the best Shefford taxi company, call Take Me Home James on 0333 666 8 999 today!

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