A Picnic in Ampthill Park

"Don't forget the bubbly!"

A view overlooking the Marston Vale from Ampthill Park.

When it comes to planning outdoor pursuits, I try not to plan too far ahead these days; it seems that we are all at the mercy of the great British weather, so was pleasantly surprised when mid-May presented us with a beautiful clear day! Not one to miss an opportunity, I went about ringing round the girlies to see who was up for a picnic in Ampthill Park.

Ampthill Park is such a beautiful place during spring time; its vast sweeping terrain is perfect to lose yourself in for a couple of hours, and there’s always an ice cream van in the top car park for afterwards!

I am a regular Take Me Home James customer, so gave them a call. We decided that we’d go via Ampthill Waitrose, to pick up some bits and bobs, so informed the gentleman on the other end of the phone, who was happy to oblige. Booking a taxi with them is always such a pain-free process, so once that was done I set about http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-anxiety/ bothering myself with what to wear!

The car arrived promptly and we headed off down the A507. The journey was very smooth, and the driver all too happy to scan the radio waves for a tune we could all sing along to! Once we arrived in Ampthill, we bought the particulars for the day (don’t forget the bubbly!), then headed onwards towards the park. Once there, the driver helped each of us out, and went off on his way.

We found the perfect spot overlooking the Marston Vale, and spent a good few hours eating, drinking, and enjoying the company. When it was time to head back, we took a slow amble towards our agreed meeting point (stopping off for an ice cream first of course!) and met up with our driver.

Before we knew it we were back home – all in all a thoroughly enjoyable day!

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Ampthill Park Map

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