A Night Out at the Flicks in Letchworth

"A real sense of occasion."

Image of the Broadway cinema logo in Letchworth.

I wouldn’t call myself a regular cinema-goer, but I do like to go and see the occasional blockbuster. A friend of mine suggested that we head out to the Broadway cinema in Letchworth to see the latest release (I’ll save you the title!), and I was more than happy to oblige.

The Broadway offers something a little different to your average cinema. It’s run by the Letchworth Heritage Foundation (a self-funding charitable organisation concerned with long-term investment within the town), and as such doesn’t seem as commercially motivated as other ventures.

We fancied the 8pm viewing of our film, so booked a return journey with Take Me Home James, to pick us both up at quarter past seven. At exactly 7:15 there was a knock at the door, and there stood our driver, impeccably dressed and smartly presented, and after helping us into the vehicle, we headed off. Our journey to Letchworth was very comfortable; the luxurious Mercedes adding a real http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ sense of occasion to our evening. Re arrived in good time, and once we had parked up, our driver confirmed our pickup time, and helped us out of the vehicle.

We had time to get some nibbles and a drink before entering the auditorium and choosing our seats. The film itself was very enjoyable, and it was gone half ten by the time it had finished.

Upon leaving the cinema, our driver was waiting outside for us – such a nice sight to be greeted with, knowing that our journey home was taken care of! While others were walking over to the adjacent car park to find their car, we were already on our way! Another comfortable ride and we were soon home. Our driver helped us out of the vehicle and wished us goodnight – the perfect end to a very enjoyable evening!

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